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Mariana's Vocal Arts Summer session, Summer Special starts on July 29 and ends on August 26 , 2019.

If you want to experience what a lesson is like before committing to a full package, you can book an Introductory Lesson with Dr. Mariana now during the summer session. This introductory lesson is offered only one time and we have a SUMMER SPECIAL !    40% OFF of the full price

Full price for one hour lesson is $ 75                Your price $45       For students over 12

Full price for 45 min. lesson is $ 60                  Your price $36       For students over 12

Full price for 30 min. lesson is $ 40                  Your price $24       For students under12

During the introductory lesson we can discuss your personal goals, make an assessment of your voice type through vocal exercises (vocalizes), a detailed explanation about our work together will be explained to you,  repertoire, or anything else you’d like to go over including details for registration.

The purpose is to hear you where you are now and learn how far you want to go with your singing. I will then be able to create custom-made lesson plans to benefit your goals and dreams.

Come take your first lesson with no further commitment required.

40 % OFF

   Please register for a Summer Session. Summer Special HERE

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