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“I believe that with insightful work, patience, and passion the way to excellence is guaranteed.”


     If you are, I am ready to teach you! I will share with you my 30 years of experience in professional singing and teaching!

        I help newcomers get started, intermediate progress, and build confidence and assist advanced/professional singers in improving their singing (role study, advanced competitions, auditions for opera companies, and more).


Are You Ready?
My Mission 
  • Is accompanying people on a journey of discovery via their own singing voice, and embracing the infinite possibilities of color and sound  that can be made through their voices with the goal of moving the soul. I am committed to providing a joyful learning experience that strengthens self-confidence, creates opportunity for teamwork, and builds community while nurturing a life-long love of music. 

Who Do I Teach?

  • Students of all ages (elementary, middle, high school students, college students, professional singers, avocational singers* that sing in church and community choirs or any other singer that loves singing) 6 -77 years of age

  • Students of all levels of experience

  • All voice types

         Check out the Packages and Payment page here!

         I recommend 45 min. to one-hour lessons for anyone over 12 years of age. 

         Please, CONTACT Dr. Mihai-Zoeter directly for availability, and any other questions!

*Avocational singers are those who sing for fun and enjoyment, but who are not actively seeking to make a living from musical pursuits. Many adult avocational performers sing in church or community choirs or play and sing in bands.

What Do I Teach?


Private voice lessons (30, 45, 60 min.)

Musical Theater/Opera/Operetta Workshop Class

Vocal technique - Functional Training                                 

  • Breathing for singing, Phonation, Registration, Resonance, Alignment/Posture, Articulation/Diction,  Voice projection, Vocal health, and more.

Coaching as it pertains to:

  • Preparing an audition and/or competition; District and All-State Auditions, NATS (National Association of teachers of Singing) MTNA, NSAL competitions and others,

  • Learning a new role for an upcoming performance at your school,

  • Choosing music to fit your voice,

  • Preparing for College Auditions (Classical and Music Theater),

  • Helping Community/Church Choir Singers that want to sing better,

  • Learning new songs or working on songs you love.

Operatic Training

Classical Art Songs

Music Theater


  • Fluent in English, Portuguese, and Romanian ; Professional Proficiency in Italian, French, German, Latin , Spanish,

  • IPA (Intro to International Phonetic Alphabet)

Musical, Aesthetic, and Dramatic Interpretation

Sight Singing, Rhythm

Master Classes

My Goals for YOU Are


  • give you a solid, healthy, safe and intricate vocal technique,

  • inspire you to have passion for all that you do,

  • nurture your love for SINGing and music,

  • give you the necessary tools to believe in yourself and to trust your own possibilities,

  • keep you motivated in order that you may work as hard as possible to master the skills necessary to reach your dreams,

  • motivate you to SOAR in your enjoyment of making music, expressing and finding yourself through singing,

  • nurture music in your heart no matter what you do in your life,

  • SUCCEED in anything you chose to do with your love of singing!

Why Do I Teach?


  • I love people and I care for them!

  • I love to pass on the knowledge of singing that I have acquired.

  • teaching voice is my greatest joy, and I want to pass on my passion for singing on to as many people’s hearts as I can.

  • I love to help my students' dreams become reality. I want them to succeed!

Why Study With Dr. Mariana?
  • ​​Friendly, fun, and personalized learning environment

  • Bimonthly master classes

  • Opera, Operetta, Musical Class (workshop) every semester

  • Timeless Methods

  • International experience

  • Technology integrated regularly

  • Students won prestigious awards

  • All students are welcome (no prior experience necessary!)

Student Success

My students have succeeded in a wide variety of musical careers: as soloists in opera houses, as singers of popular music and musical theater, winners of vocal competitions (classical and musical theater), and as teachers in various settings (high schools, elementary schools, private schools). See the testimonials page.

                                         Start your vocal journey here!

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