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Amor e Saudade 

Amor e saudade (a-more e sau-da-je) can be loosely translated from the Portuguese as "Love and Remembrance". This trio was formed shortly before the marriage of Garrick and Mariana in 2003.
They have been heard in concert at such venues as the famed Opera House Amazonas in Manaus, Opera House Belem , Para, Teatro "Levino de Alcantara", Brasilia, Teatro "Jose de Alencar", Fortaleza, Brasil and at various other venues in North and South America.
Their concerts feature a wide range of repertoire from traditional classical favorites to jazz and operetta. They also feature their own arrangements of traditional Brazilian and Romanian folk music.
Their passion, energy, and emotional connection with the audience is highlighted in every performance. After all, Mariana and Garrick are not just concert partners but life partners as well!
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