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 PACKAGES, and Payment                               At this time all VOICE LESSONS are offered online via Zoom          
The Fall semester 2020 starts on August 26 and it ends on December 15 and it has 12 weeks of lessons.*
The Spring semester 2020 starts in January and it ends in May and it has 16 weeks of lessons.*   
*Note that a student can join Mariana's Vocal Arts at any time.    
Please contact Mariana's Vocal Arts for price, availability, and details about each one of the packages below.                 
Introductory  lesson
Introductory lessons are offered and encouraged for students that never had a voice lesson before! During the introductory lesson we can discuss your personal goals, make an assessment of your voice type through vocal exercises (vocalizes), a detailed explanation about our work together will be explained to you,  repertoire, or anything else you’d like to go over including details for registration. The purpose is to hear you where you are now and learn how far you want to go with your singing. I will then be able to create custom-made lesson plans to benefit your goals and dreams. Students over 12 years old should take a 45 minute or 60 minute introductory lesson.                                
Beginner Package

The Beginner Package (individual lessons) is for all students that had 0 or a few voice lessons before today.  The student can be as young as 7 years of age or as 77 years of age.

Power Performance Package

The Power Performance Package (individual lessons) is for all students that are 100% performance oriented (high school, undergraduate, graduate, professionals, and returning voice students or avocational singers). 

I successfully prepare students for University or College music programs auditions, Young Artist Summer Programs, Graduate Auditions etc. Preparation includes both performance skills and music theory.   Ages 14 to 77.


Duo Package

The Duo Package is for students that want to share a lesson. A great choice for two best friends, two choir members,  or for two siblings to learn together. Lessons are scheduled for two participants, and are forty-five minutes to an hour in length. It will be the responsibility of the two students sharing the lesson time to contact each other with any arising conflicts to arrange for the other student to trade that lesson. Ages 7 to 77. 

Group Singing Classes for Children    See ZoomSING page!
Mini Singers: ages 6-9 years     and     Fearless Singers: ages 10-13 years
Group singing classes are offered to all students that love to sing and want to be part of a group rather than singing a solo song. As a parent, you are thrilled to see your “rising star” learning healthy vocal technique while making new friends and developing the confidence to sing in front of an audience. More information and registration here! 
Sing. Soar. Succeed Package 


The Sing•Soar•Succeed•Package takes you to another level of performance. This is a select class (workshop) for intermediate to advanced singers where together students will explore the power of music and the magic of becoming a character (personaggio) that culminates with a final performance at the end of the semester. Sing•Soar•Succeed class is a very popular class among students at Mariana's Vocal Arts. The repertoire is composed of scenes from various operas, operettas and musicals. This is recommended for all students (preferable students over 16 years of age until 70 years of age) that have had previous voice lessons and want to explore deeper the performance aspect of these three very popular genres. All students enrolled in this class MUST be enrolled in voice lessons and must be committed to the one time a week class for 1:15 hour. In order to have this class at least 7  students must be enrolled in the class by the second week of September or by the end of January.      
Pay-by-lesson is offered to singers that have had previous singing lessons and want to SAMPLE a lesson (expert advice) with
Dr. Mariana or for students that have very busy lives but have a big passion for singing and want to improve their technique in periodic lessons. Note that these lessons may not be guaranteed. Mariana's Vocal Arts gives priority to students that sign up for one of the packages above.

The student (or parent/guardian) is financially responsible for all classes before the start of lessons.

Your tuition covers student lesson instructional time and more.**A tuition invoice will be sent via e-mail to the students who pay four times a semester before each payment is due. 

**The monthly tuition also covers teacher preparation including: 

  • Planning and development of teaching materials 

  • Professional organization memberships and periodicals for continued teacher professional development

  • Website maintenance to promote strong parent/student/teacher communication

  • Email communication reminders and notifications

  • Piano tuning and repairs; space rental

  • Electronics, CD's, and technology to enhance teaching and support students

  • Business operations

Payment Plans

Tuition for lessons can be paid:

  • in full (pay for the entire package at the beginning of the semester) with a 3% discount per semester or

  • divided into 4 equal payments (check made to Mariana Mihai-Zoeter or online) paid in the beginning of each month

Lessons will not be given without payment.

Tuition is non-refundable: No refunds on paid tuition will be given if a student misses lessons, needs to take some weeks off or discontinue lessons. 

Tuition and Fees may be paid online with: 


PayPal or

•Check (payable to Mariana Mihai-Zoeter)



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