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Group Voice Lessons


Group Singing Classes  
Fearless Singers: ages 10-13 years        ShowTime Singers: ages 13-18       Avocational Singers*: ages 18-77
ZoomSING voice classes are offered to all students that love singing. These classes are especially designed for online teaching during this pandemic via the Zoom virtual platform!
Each class of the Fearless Singers is designed to develop the vocal techniques of young
singers, exploring movement, learning notes, and most importantly having FUN, along
with providing ZOOM performance opportunities that give students a chance to “shine.” 
Each week we explore the voice and discover musical concepts in a fun, inclusive, play-based
As a parent, you will be thrilled to see your “rising star” learning healthy vocal technique
while making new friends and developing the confidence to sing "in front" of an audience.
The ShowTime Singers and Avocational Singers* Classes are structured as  Master Classes where students gather to sing their favorite songs, learn new songs, and perform them in front of their friends. Each one of the singers will receive feedback from Dr. Mariana who will be working individually with each one of them on many of the following issues found here. All singers in the class will be requested to give feedback to each other. 
You will get to learn about your voice, gain confidence, and you will be provided  with a box full of "tools" that will help you on your singing journey. Here you can read more about what Dr. Mariana's goals are for you!
*Avocational singers are those who sing for fun and enjoyment, but who are not actively seeking to make a living from musical pursuits. Many adult avocational performers sing in church or community choirs or play and sing in bands.
Mariana's Vocal Arts will provide piano accompaniments for almost all of your songs, pre-recorded warm-ups made especially for each one of your voices, and more all organized in one place with very easy access.  
  • All classes are small.  They are made up of no more than 5 students for Fearless Singers and 4 students for ShowTime and Avocational Singer.
  • Your commitment is for at least 8 classes;
  • Classes start on May 11, 2020
  • You may register at anytime
  • Payment is due when registering for the class.
Please send your questions here!


Tuition is $100 for 8 classes for Fearless Singers.

Tuition is $120 for 8 classes for ShowTime and Avocational Singers

Hours are in Eastern Standard Time.

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Sweet Notes From my Fearless Singers:

"Words can say so little when someone has done so much, but I thank you with all my heart.”


                                                                                                            Thank you Dr. Mariana! You have helped improve my singing.”


                                       “This experience was life-altering. Thanks for the laughs and wisdom.”

                                                                             “Dr. Mariana, you were a very good teacher, and very nice. We’ll miss you!”

“Dear Dr. Mariana, thank you for spending your time to teach us, and have a Mostly Mozart Morning! “

                                                  “Thank you for being the best teacher ever. Never forget!”

                                                                                                   “Thank you so much for teaching us. You were very kind.”

                    “Dr. Mariana thanks so much for teaching us and putting up with us. I will never forget this experience.”

                                                                    “Thank you for all you did for us. You are a great teacher.”

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